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Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Masterpiece in sight

Xiaomi 13t Leica
Leica professional camera system
Leica professional optical lens Two Leica photographic styles
Xiaomi 13t Leica
144Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display*
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
IP68 water & dust resistance*
Built for more scenarios
Xiaomi 13t Leica
42 mins to 100%*
Powered by 67W turbo charging*
Up to 16 hours video playback*
Long-lasting 5000mAh (typ) battery
Xiaomi 13t Leica
MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra
Supreme performance, incomparable power efficiency
Authentic Leica Imagery
Summicron lens, jointly developed with Leica - LEICA VARIO-SUMMICRON 1:1.9-2.2/15-50 mm ASPH. The lens achieves an exquisite balance between optical performance, lens size and durability in mobile photography, and more realistically restores the sense of light to record the true story;
Leica main camera
Leica professional optical lens
24mm equivalent focal length
f/1.9 aperture
Leica telephoto camera
50mm equivalent focal length
1/2.88" sensor size
f/1.9 aperture
Leica ultra-wide camera
15mm equivalent focal length
f/2.2 aperture
Xiaomi 13t Leica
The Leica professional camera system is a great leap in imaging capabilities
*The focal length of each lens is the equivalent focal length in default mode, and may differ from the physical equivalent focal length. Please refer to the actual situa

Leica professional optical lensCarefully tuned for more purityInheriting Leica's professional quality, the optical quality of the lens has been adjusted and improved at the source, bringing richer colors, ultra-high resolution, effectively solving ghosting and glare, and producing excellent rendering even in extreme environments.
Xiaomi 13t LeicaAspheric high-transmittance lens
Xiaomi 13t LeicaInfrared light filter
Xiaomi 13t LeicaCyclic olefin copolymer material
Xiaomi 13t LeicaLens edge ink coating
Xiaomi 13t LeicaALD ultra-low reflectance technology
Xiaomi 13t LeicaLeica main camera
Coupled with a super-sized sensor to bring a more delicate texture to your photographs and preserve the stories in every moment of light and shadow wonderfully.Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t LeicaLeica telephoto camera
Equivalent to the focal length of a 50mm telephoto lens, f/1.9 ultra-large aperture, creates a bokeh comparable to that of professional SLRs to capture people more vividly.Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t LeicaLeica ultra-wide camera
The 15mm equivalent focal length creates an amazing sense of space, capturing more wonder and displaying more character tension in each shot.
Xiaomi 13t Leica

Two Leica photographic styles
Two tones for extraordinary choices
Leica's image quality is well received within photography communities, and we continue that here with a P3 wide color gamut, which can capture 25% more colors, reshaping the aesthetics of photographs.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Leica Authentic Look
Authentic Leica style with crisp light and shadow in three-dimensional images makes it feel like you're actually there.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Leica Vibrant Look
Cutting-edge expression based on tradition, with bright tones and vivid and full colors overflowing with vitality.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Leica custom photographic styles
To enjoy even more freedom with your creations
Inspired by two photographic styles, you can adjust Tone, Tonality and Texture for better image quality by yourself and unlock more possibilities on image creativity with Leica aesthetics.
*Customized photographic styles can only be selected from within Pro mode.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Master-lens systemUnique visual angles and more support for blur adjustment
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica50mmSwirly bokeh lensCan clearly outline the subjectA slightly swirled background for a romantic feel
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Leica filtersTwo new Leica filters—Leica Sepia and Leica Blue—can be selected according to your creative preferences, enabling you to express emotion in a variety of ways.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
NewLeica BlueCool nostalgia
AllnewLeica watermark
What is left is not only the unique details of the shot, but also a more intense Leica style.2 new watermarks have been added, which can be easily selected in the photo album to match your creations.
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
*Leica custom watermarks need to be actively enabled in the camera settings. *The watermarks can be used with JPEG and HEIF files in photography, professional photography, portrait, night scene, long exposure, and super moonlight shooting modes.
Xiaomi lmaging Engine
Smart image algorithm center
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Image enhancement
Optic fusion: integrated optical pipeline, fusion of space, time, light and shadow
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Color perception
Color engine: imitating human perception, processing true-color creation
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Intelligent scene optimization
Bionic sensing: AI recognition, optimizing images for specific scenes
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Instant capture
Accelerating engine: Parallel collaboration, optimizing photo capture process
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Ecosphere engine
Cross-application support, building capabilities for third-party applications
Xiaomi ProFocus
Firmly lock your focus
Automatically detects subjects, including human eyes and faces, animals, insects, birds, plants, food, and more. In video mode, it can automatically find the subject again after they leave the shot—that's real Xiaomi ProFocus.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
*Xiaomi ProFocus needs to be enabled in settings.
Exquisite, Masterpiece Design
Exquisite designEnticing colorsA straight screen design combined with imitation anodic spray achieves a metallic texture with a more refined feel. The DECO section adopts a watch-level one-blade drilling and cutting process. The metal is polished to a high-gloss for a more flagship texture.
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
Alpine Blue
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
Meadow Green
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi BioComfort vegan leather
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
The first Xiaomi BioComfort vegan leather
Great hand feel and environmentally friendly
All-new technology composite PU which is dirt resistant and durable, with excellent cold resistance and breathability. It is more naturally skin-friendly and feels extremely comfortable.
*Only Alpine blue comes with Xiaomi BioComfort vegan leather.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
IP68 water and dust resistance*
Sophisticated fuselage technology brings more confident protection, making creation freer and easier.
The New Custom Flagship AMOLED
6.67" Dotdisplay
A brand new customized flagship AMOLED with amazingly upgraded performance and 2600nits peak brightness*, it still performs clearly in the sun and brings you a better creative experience.
CrystalRes display
Sunlight mode
Readable under sunlight
2600 nits
Peak brightness
Wide color gamut
68 billion colors
True Display
Pro HDR display
Ultra-dynamic display
The Xiaomi 13T Pro's ultra-dynamic display technology can increase brightness up to 5 times that of traditional displays. It can accurately identify HDR areas, use dynamic masks to darken the brightness of non-HDR areas, and smoothly transition between different areas of brightness for better images.
Xiaomi 13t LeicaXiaomi 13t Leica
Xiaomi 13t Leica
With Pro HDR display
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Without Pro HDR display
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Up to
30/60/90/120/144Hz multi-level refresh rate means that, whether you're gaming, watching videos, or reading, the screen can intelligently adapt to the optimal frame rate for you anytime, for a smooth and comfortable experience that also saves power.
Xiaomi 13t Leica
High-frequency dimming is more eye-friendly when using a phone at night
Up to 2880Hz PWM dimming surpasses the stroboscopic perception of the human eye, reducing visual fatigue caused by flickering and taking better care of your eyes.
Up to
Hz PWM dimming
Reduced eye fatigue
Automatic brightness adjustment
Masterpiece Performance
Xiaomi 13t Leica
MediaTek Dimensity
Using TSMC's precise 4nm process with super-high integration for a powerful performance, tens of billions of mass-integrated transistors equipped with an innovative development resource architecture, provide better adaptation and lower power consumption, regardless of whether you're working, gaming, or creating. Its strength should not be underestimated.
TSMC process
UFS 3.1
Xiaomi 13t Leica
Stable heat dissipation and cool response
extra-large stainless steel VC
The first graphene micro-nano cavity heat-conducting film
With a high compression ratio and stable cooling
*Data retrieved from Xiaomi Internal Labs. Actual results may vary depending on the test environment and conditions.
*The images on this page are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may vary slightly
Masterpiece Battery and Charging
Xiaomi 13t Leica
67W turbo charging5000mAh large batteryXiaomi's new generation of high-energy-density batteries with strong battery life performance assist in daily use and creation. 67W turbo charging can fully charge quickly in 42 minutes*. Long use and fast charging leave you worry-free and unconstrained.*Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs, actual results may vary.
Xiaomi 13t Leica

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Xiaomi 13t Leica
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size6.6"
Internal Memory256GB
Main Camera Pixel50.0
Dual SimYes
Water ResistantYes
Expandable MemoryYes
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer
ShippingSame Day From Lahore
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