Travel Blue Power Bank 10400mah

Travel Blue
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Quick Overview

Avoid running out of power on the move.
For charging your: mobile phone, camera or tablet.
Dual USB power outputs – charge 2 devices at the same time.


10,400mAh Instructions for use: To charge the Power Bank – Connect the USB cable to a power supply and insert the Micro-USB end into the Power Bank socket. When charging, the blue LEDs will light one-by-one as the power level increases. When the Power Bank is fully charged all LEDs will be on. To charge another appliance using Power Bank – Press the on/off button located on the back of the Power Bank to check power levels ; all LEDs on = full power. Insert a USB cable into one of the output sockets located on the top of the Power Bank. Plug the Micro-USB end into the appliance you want to charge. The Blue LEDs will indicate power levels as the appliance is being charged. Two appliances can be charged at the same time if required. Technical Data: Battery – Lithium-Ion Rated Capacity: 10,400mAh Output: 5V-800mA Input: 5V-1000mA Number of Charge Cycles – Minimum 300 charges. 

BrandTravel Blue
Battery Capacity10,400 mAh
WarrantyCheck at Delivery
ShippingSame Day From Lahore
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