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Galaxy Z Fold4

Check out these fresh angles

Galaxy Z Fold4 : Official Launch Film | Samsung


Powerful. Productive

Big, immersive display

Our toughest foldable yet

Nightography camera

Unfold your world

A closeup view of Galaxy Z Fold4 seen from the hinge as it glides by vertically. The device rotates after the hinge passes to show the frame from the bottom side. Then it rotates horizontally to show the right of the device, ending on a close-up of the volume button, fingerprint reader, and a profile view of the slightly protruding rear cameras.

Flex on all the others

Upper portion of a folded Galaxy Z Fold4 seen from the front. Its Cover Screen shows a colorful, ribbon-like wallpaper. Behind it is a second Galaxy Z Fold4 seen from the back.


Stands out. Stands up. Unfolds

Hands holding an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4. The Main Screen displays a scene from a Netflix video of a man and woman talking in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen. In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device. And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

*Netflix streaming membership required.

Cover Screen

A wider aspect ratio lets your apps comfortably fill the screen, but still keeps keys within thumb’s reach for one-handed control.

Compared to Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

A man holds Galaxy Z Fold4, unfolded while sitting in a barber's chair.


A new spin on slimThe hinge of folded Galaxy Z Fold4, made with Armor Aluminum. The Samsung logo is centered on the hinge.

It's basically two phones in one — with nearly the weight of a less-flexible phone. Slimmed down everywhere but the screen, minimized bezels and lightweight materials make Galaxy Z Fold4 even more pocket-friendly.


Finishes with finesse

The elegant combination of a unique form factor with naturally classic hues turns heads with every unfold. Select from Graygreen, Phantom Black or Beige.

Galaxy Z Fold4 in Graygreen seen from three angles to show the corner, hinge and rear.

Galaxy Z Fold4 in Phantom Black seen from three angles to show the corner, hinge and rear.

Galaxy Z Fold4 in Beige seen from three angles to show the corner, hinge and rear.


A stand-out selection

Discover a Galaxy Z Fold4 that's even more exclusive.
Meet Galaxy Z Fold4 in Burgundy, only on


Galaxy Z Fold4 seen upside down from the rear in the Online exclusive color, Burgundy.

Work-life balance brought to mobile

Partially unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4 Main Screen. Its screen is divided into two windows. One window is a memo in Galaxy Notes. The other window is a video being played in the Gallery app.


Do more than more

Wipe out tasks in fewer taps. Add apps to the Taskbar, your multitasking secret weapon, for quick navigation and bouncing between windows when you're in the groove.And with App Pair, one tap launches up to three apps, all sharing one super-productive screen.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

Unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4 with three windows open on the Main Screen. The Gallery app is open on the left half of the Main Screen. The right side is divided into two apps. Samsung Notes is open on the top right. The Messages app is open on the bottom right. A photo from the Gallery is placed in Samsung Notes and shared in the Messages chat.


Give your back button a break

Whether toggling between texts or catching up on emails, take full advantage of the expansive Main Screen with Multi View. Apps optimized with One UI give you menus and more in a glance for faster, more efficient multitasking on a smartphone.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

*Galaxy Z Fold4 requires the latest Microsoft Outlook (minimum version 4.2222.0.) for this feature.

*Screen layout adjustment availability may vary by app.

*Availability of feature may vary by country or region.

Galaxy Z Fold4 unfolded with Microsoft Outlook in Multi View on the Main Screen. Multi View allows the inbox and menu to be viewed alongside an open email.


Write where you need it

Move past finger-to-screen and bring S Pen into the mix. Get natural precision with every stroke that feels as familiar as pen on paper.

Better together

Standing Cover with Pen

For hands-free viewing

Galaxy Z Fold4 in Phantom Black seen from the rear. An S Pen Fold Edition is placed along the rear side.


Immersive, impressive

Unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4 with a scene from League of Legends: Wild Rift on the Main Screen. The main character is seen shooting bright blue arrows in multiple directions and the content is smooth.

Now you can really get into the zone. Pushed-back bezels plus an even more camouflaged Under Display Camera on a breathtaking 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display means there's more screen and no black dot getting between you and your favorite games.

*© 2019-2022 Riot Games, Inc. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: WILD RIFT and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.Galaxy Z Fold4 VDE logo. ID: 40055329

BV verified logo. ID: BVV underscore 10038

Amp up your large-screen experience with the immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience and stereo speakers.

Better together

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

For crystal clear audio


Smooth gaming.
Smooth viewing

Hands holding an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4. The Main Screen displays a scene from a racing game. A sports car speeds down a highway with a dashboard overlay on the screen. The content is smooth.

Swiping through the newsfeed or gliding through games, it all flows smoothly on a display that ramps up to 120Hz. This refreshingly responsive screen even adapts the refresh rate to optimize the view for you.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

A woman stands by an elevator, holding an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold4 and looking at its Main Screen intently.


Folding all your faves into one device

Out of the box, Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with plenty of tools to get your gears moving. And when you add third-party apps optimized for Multi View, you'll be unlocking new levels of convenience with every tap.

Multiple app icons form an arc, including Google Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Office.

Unbelievable tech, unbreakable design

A folded Galaxy Z Fold4 seen at an angle showing its Cover Screen and bottom sides. The display has a colorful graphic wallpaper onscreen. The phone has water splashing around it.


The first foldables that can take on water

Be adventurous. You don't have to sweat the forecast when you've got one of the world's first water-resistant foldable smartphones.


Prepared for impact

From the inside out, Galaxy Z Fold4 is made with materials that are not only stunning, but stand up to life's bumps and fumbles. From the glass to the metal, these are the toughest Samsung Galaxy foldables ever.

A collage of four Galaxy Z Fold4 phones. One phone is seen from the front at an angle with layers coming off of the display to represent its strength. Two phones are seen from the side to show the extruded shape and three lenses of the linear Rear Camera. The fourth is seen partially unfolded, its Main Screen facing forward. The display has a colorful graphic wallpaper onscreen.


Accidents can be forgiven

Enroll in a worry-free Samsung Care+ to stay protected from accidental damage.

Your nights just got more flexibleGalaxy Z Fold4's Rear Camera, seen at an extreme angle from the bottom.


Pro-grade Camera that stands on its own

With the upgraded Rear Camera, Space Zoom and Nightography, we're bringing a pro-level kit to the foldable form for the first time. Use the massive Main Screen as a viewfinder to flex your photo skills with new tech.The Rear Camera on Galaxy Z Fold4.

12MPUltra Wide Camera

50MPWide-angle Camera

10MP3x Optical Zoom Telephoto CameraThe Main Screen Camera on Galaxy Z Fold4.

4MPUnder Display CameraThe Cover Screen Camera on Galaxy Z Fold4.

10MPCover Camera


Shots in the dark hit different

A man uses an S Pen Fold Edition on a Galaxy Z Fold4 in a dimly lit lounge. Nightography's Super Night Solution makes the movements smooth, colors vibrant and even the background details appear clear.


When action-packed days turn to action-packed nights, details stay clear after dark. Advanced OIS and VDIS smooth out video while Super Night Solution limits noise — all for stunning low-light clips begging to be replayed.A man stands next to a stairwell in a dimly lit lounge, looking at the Main Screen of a Galaxy Z Fold4 in his hand. Nightography makes the colors bright and details of the subject and background clear even in a dark setting.


It's never too late for great portraits. Galaxy Z Fold4's rear cameras use innovative hardware and software that work together to bring more light to low-light photos. From dusk to dawn and beyond, a powerful processor gives an intelligent boost of color and clarity to every shot.


Nail the details

With the 50MP Wide-angle Camera, even quick snaps are high-resolution masterpieces. Elevate depth and sharpness with Detail Enhancer, taking the best aspects of your shots and leaving blur behind.

A man stands in a tailor shop and looks at his reflection in a mirror.A close up shot of a suit jacket with a handkerchief in the front pocket. The fabric's lines are distinct and colors are rich thanks to Detail Enhancer.Three jackets in different colors with windowpane check patterns hang next to each other. The high resolution of the photo allows the texture of the fabric to be seen clearly.


A view looking up a circular staircase of a large, modern building. Many floors up, a man is seen leaning over the handrails. Another man is seen with his arm extended over the railing, catching a yellow hat that seems to have fallen from above. Next is a close up of the man at the top of the staircase. With 30 X Space Zoom, the photo captures his shocked expression in reaction to dropping his hat.


Fold's best zoom, so far

Scooch in closer with 30X Space Zoom. The Telephoto Camera's 3x Optic Zoom teams up with Super Resolution Zoom to bring you closer to the action than ever before on a Fold.


Camera Essentials

Dual Preview

Let your subject play creative director. The preview appears on the Cover Screen, giving them a chance to adjust and look their best before you snap.

Capture View

Like a photo monitor in your pocket, Capture View shows you previews of the photos you just took, so you can check and reshoot with ease.

Rear Cam Selfie

Bust out the selfies in high resolution. The Cover Screen acts as viewfinder, letting you capture your best side with the 50MP Wide Camera.

Expert RAW

Pro mode leaps to another level when you download Expert RAW. Take full control over your shots and save the RAW files right to your Gallery.

AI Edit

Now post-production takes place on your phone. Retouch photos with ease using Photo Remaster and remove the things you don't want with Object Eraser.


Great shots. Now share them

Share memories as soon as you make them. Send big files like videos and high-resolution photos to your friends before the night is over. Just pull up the Share panel, select the names and tap to send it off.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 are both unfolded and seen from their Main Screens. The Galaxy Z Fold4 has the Gallery onscreen with a pop-up Quick Share panel on top. The Galaxy Z Flip4 has a Quick Share pop-up onscreen showing a photo from the other phone's Gallery being downloaded through Quick Share.


The connected power of Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy Z Flip4 pop up open

Galaxy Watch5 pop up op
Galaxy Buds2 Pro pop up open

*Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Buds2 Pro sold separately.


Pick up where you left off

No matter what device you're laying to rest, move your favorite apps, photos, messages and even settings to your new Galaxy Z Fold4 in just a few simple steps.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.An older foldable device seen from the rear and a folded Galaxy Z Fold4 seen from the Cover Screen. The phones are placed back to back and the Smart Switch icon is in the center. On Galaxy Z Fold4's display is the Smart Switch app showing that transferring of data from the old device is in progress.

GALAXY EXCELLENCEThe brilliance is built in


More power to you

From video calls to rapid-fire edits, you need your day to run smoothly. And it will, on the most powerful chip now on a Samsung Galaxy foldable.


Fueled by 5G

Say goodbye to small talk while your download's progress bar crawls. Hyperfast 5G lets you send and receive massive files in a flash.

Wi-Fi 6E

No mixed signals. Just speed

Wi-Fi 6E gives you faster, more stable access to new 6GHz bands, so you can connect and stay connected at cutting-edge internet speeds.


Power past expectations

Designed to keep up with your routine. Two batteries total 4400mAh (typical) to power your day, then fuel up in a flash with Fast Charging.


Space for your brainstorms

Ditch the briefcase and keep your files, photos and everything else on hand. With so much storage built in, there's space to balance work and life.

Sync your Gallery with OneDrive, and enjoy 6 months of 100 GB OneDrive cloud storage with Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.*Terms and conditions apply.


One-touch VIP access

Masked up? Sunglasses on? No problem — the Main Screen's just a touch away. One finger on the side of the screen unlocks quickly and accurately.


Multi-layered security

Keep your private data private with Samsung Knox. Multi-layered security through hardware and software offers defense-grade protection.


What you need, where you need it

Fold owners know what it means to be unique. One UI lets you customize your digital experience to match your style and how you use your Android phone.


Bring style into the FoldAn overhead angle of Galaxy Buds2 Pro with the cradle open and the earbuds in place. Galaxy Watch5 with a graphic watch face. A Galaxy Z Fold4 with a Standing Cover with Pen installed and an S Pen Fold Edition and an S Pen Pro at its side. A Galaxy Watch5 Pro with a graphic watch face.

Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size7.6"
Internal Memory512GB
Main Camera Pixel50.0
Dual SimYes
Water ResistantYes
Expandable MemoryNo
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer
ShippingSame Day From Lahore
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