Rapoo NK1800 Wired USB Keyboard

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All About RAPOO

Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd., an expert in wireless peripheral technology, is dedicated to provide high-performance and high-quality wireless peripheral products. With its high-class industrial design and international-standard quality.

Rapoo has strong R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing management. The company adheres to a management philosophy that focuses on ”people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation,” has built a sound after-sales service system, fully developed multi-channel advantages and achieved a harmonious win-win situation among its people. Currently, with its expansion in the global market and excellent product quality, Rapoo has won praise from all around the globe.

Rapoo wireless peripheral products, expanding from the PC industry into home entertainment, mobile devices and other industries, have promoted the popularity of the 2.4G technology in peripheral areas and have launched a revolution in new generation wireless communication protocols.


NK1800 Spill Resistance Wired USB Keyboard

The wired keyboard is well spaced, low keys for accurate and fast typing with low sound and better response. Durability, led lights makes it a sleek design and the comfortable, faster keyboard for effortless work and to make it fun.




Laser Carved Keycap

Keycap printing adapts laser carving technology that makes it wearable, stronger and longer lifetime.

Anti-Oxidant Sealed Membrane

The sealed membrane ensures a longer keyboard lifetime as it protects inner circuit from any oxidization.

Spill Resistant Design

Spill resistant design so that your work doesn’t stops because of some water splashes.




Durable Design

The keyboard has laser carved keycap, spill resistance and sealed membrane,etc all combined together to get a you a durably designed product.

Led Lights

Rapoo’s NK1800 keyboard has led lights which helps in indicating various functions such as caps lock, num-lock etc.

Plug And Play

No need of software installation or multiple cord attachments, just plug it in USB port and the keyboard all set and done for unlimited typing.

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