Panasonic PT-LRZ35 DLP Projector

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Brilliantly Vivid Images Resist Color Breakup

RGB LED light engine employs discrete LEDs for each color channel to prevent feasible breakup and widen the gamut for deep, dynamic color reproduction. High-visibility images are also free from the rainbow effect.

Diverse Connectivity Streamlines Collaboration

HDMI®-CEC supports one-touch playback via compatible players, automatically powering-on the projector and syncing select playback commands. Teams can cast to a streaming module*1 powered by a built-in USB DC outlet, minimizing cable clutter.

Stress-free Reliability and Lasting Picture Quality

Wheel-less design paves the way for improved hermetic sealing, with the dust-resistant DMD block enabling implementation of filterless cooling for high image quality and very low maintenance over 20,000 hours*2 of operation.

Swift Setup with 1.3x Zoom and Easy Image Adjustment

A 1.3x zoom lens, vertical lens-shift function (+50 %, +40 %, manual), and vertical keystone correction (±30 °) bring more freedom and less image distortion for desktop projection setups while 2-axis 360 ° installation expands creative signage possibilities.


Brilliant Color Performance in Small Spaces

Discrete LEDs for each R/G/B channel reproduce an expanded color gamut with deep, uniform saturation. Viewers sensitive to the rainbow effect can now enjoy a high-resolution DLP™ experience without distraction as the wheel-less design suppresses the phenomenon. Unleash dynamic, color-rich images to match the boldness of your vision.

Convenient CEC-Compliant HDMI® Inputs and USB DC Outlet

HDMI-CEC terminals enable one-touch projector start-up and playback from standby via the CEC-compatible component. USB DC outlet can power a media streaming device, allowing members of your group to beam content wirelessly from their mobile devices*1.

High Performance, Low Maintenance, Long Life

Wheel-less design with discrete LED heat-sinks boost cooling efficiency while improvements to the hermetic DMD-block sealing structure resist dust intrusion and eliminate need of an air filter, reducing maintenance and preserving image quality over 20,000 hours*2 of stress-free operation.


Other Features

  • Low-noise operation of just 24 dB*3 in Quiet Mode
  • Quick On/Quick Off for instant image display and no projector cooldown
  • Built-in 10 W speaker, mic input, and variable audio output
  • Supports Closed Captions (CC) for broadcast content
  • Multi-Monitoring & Control Software with Early Warning Upgrade*4
  • Supports Crestron Connected™, AMX, and PJ Link™ control solutions • 3D-ready with DLP® Link™*5 technology (requires compatible glasses)

*1 Requires a compatible network streaming module and control app/web browser for mobile or PC. Panasonic cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party devices. *2 At about 20,000 hours, Panasonic recommends cleaning or checkup at point of purchase. Light-source lifetime may be reduced depending on environmental conditions. Replacement of parts other than the light-source may be required in a shorter period. At 20,000 hours, brightness will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level. *3 35 dB in NORMAL Mode. *4 90-day free trial of Early Warning upgrade functions is enabled upon installation of free Multi Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2.0 or later. Purchase a license and activate at PASS when trial period expires to continue using Early Warning functions. Visit for more details. *5 DLP ® Link™ technology synchronizes 3D video playback with supported glasses (sold separately) and also requires compatible 3D video content. The function is activated/disabled via the projector OSD menu.


Projector type 1-Chip DLP™ projector
DLP™ chip | Panel size (mm) 17.0 mm (0.67 in) diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio
DLP™ chip | Panel size (inch) 0.67 in diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio
DLP™ Chip | Display Method DLP™ chip x 1, DLP™ projection system
DLP™ chip | Number of Pixels 2,304,000 (1920 x 1200 pixels)
Light Source Light Emitting Diode
Light output*1 3,500 lm
Time until light output declines to 50 %*2 20,000 hours
Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
Contrast Ratio*1 30,000:1 (When [Light Power] is set to [Normal] and [Picture Mode] is set to [Dynamic])
Screen size [diagonal] (mm) 1.02–7.62 m (40–300 in), 16:10 aspect ratio
Screen size [diagonal] (inch) 40–300 in, 16:10 aspect ratio
Center-to-corner zone ratio*1 90 %
Lens 1.3x manual zoom (throw ratio: 1.28–1.69:1)
Lens shift | Vertical (from center of screen) Vertical: +50 %, +40 %
Keystone Correction Range Vertical: ±30 %
Installation Ceiling/floor, front/rear, 2-axis 360-degree installation
Terminals | Serial In D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (RS-232C compliant)
Terminals | LAN RJ-45 x 1 for network control, 10Base-T, 100Base-T, compatible with PJ Link™ (Class 1)
Power Supply AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption NORMAL: 420 W, ECO: 255 W, QUIET: 196 W
Operation noise*1 NORMAL: 35 dB, ECO: 27 dB, QUIET: 24 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 375 x 124*3 x 314 mm (14 3/4˝ x 4 7/8˝ *3 x 12 3/8˝ ) (including protruding parts)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (inch) 375 x 124*3 x 314 mm (14 3/4˝ x 4 7/8˝ *3 x 12 3/8˝ ) (including protruding parts)
Weight*4 Approx. 6.7 kg (14.8 lbs)
Operating Environment Operating temperature: 0–40 °C (32–104 °F)*5, operating humidity: 20–80 % (no condensation)
Applicable Software Multi Monitoring & Control Software, Early Warning Software
Note *1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2020 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped. *2 Around this time, light output will have decreased by approximately 50 %. IEC62087: 2008 Broadcastcontents, under conditions with 30 °C (86 °F), 1,400 m above sea level, and 0.15mg/m3 of particulate matter. Estimated time until light output declines to 50 % varies depending on environment. *3 With legs at shortest position. *4 Average value. May differ depending on the actual unit.*5 Note that the projector cannot be used at altitudes exceeding 4,200 m (13,780 ft) above sea level. 4,200 m (13,780 ft) above sea level is the maximum elevation at which performance can be guaranteed. In the following operating environments, light output may be reduced to protectthe projector: when the projector is used at altitudes below 1,400 m (4,593 ft) and ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C (104 °F); when the projector is used at altitudes between 1,400 m (4,593 ft) and 2,700 m (8,858 ft) exclusive and ambient temperature exceeds 35 °C (95 °F); andwhen the projector is used at altitudes between 2,700 m (8,858 ft) and 4,200 m (13,780 ft) exclusive and ambient temperature exceeds 30 °C (86 °F).
Built-in Speaker 10 W monaural
Terminals | Audio In 1 M3 stereo mini-jack x 1
Terminals | Variable Audio Out M3 stereo mini-jack x 1
Terminals | Audio In 2 M3 stereo mini-jack x 1
Terminals | Computer 1 In D-sub 15-pin (female) x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR)
Terminals | HDMI In 1/HDMI In 2 HDMI 19-pin x 2 (HDCP and Deep Color compatible), CEC supported
Terminals | Video In Pin jack x 1
Terminals | DC Out USB Connector (Type A) x 1 (for power supply, DC 5 V/2 A)
Terminals | Computer 2 In D-sub 15-pin (female) x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR)
Terminals | Computer Out D-sub 15-pin (female) x 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR)
Terminals | Micro USB 1 (for service use)
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer
Contrast Ratio30,000:1
Projector ResolutionWUXGA
Aspect Ratio16:10
Shipping24 - 48 hrs
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