Kaspersky Antivirus 2 Devices – 2021 Retail Pack

Rs 5,499.00
In stock


Blocks the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, cryptolockers & more – and helps stop cryptocurrency mining malware damaging your PC’s performance by detecting scripts, we help to stop cryptocurrency mining malware slowing down your PC and adding to your Internet traffic. With our security working ‘behind the scenes’ – continuously scanning to find threats – your PC can keep performing as it’s meant to. And, because our security is now 15% ‘lighter’ – there’s even less load on your PC. Because our antivirus is simple to set up and use, you’ll have more time for working, gaming & socializing on your PC and our intuitive, new dashboard makes it quick and easy to find the features you need. The latest version of our PC antivirus can also be installed in just half the time needed for our previous product.


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