Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers (14M2)

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Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers (14M2) FAP02-RS-2CA 3M

This Filtrete Air Purifier offers more air circulation and a higher dust and pollen capture rate than a comparable HEPA Air Purifier. This Filtrete Air Purifier and filter combined are 99.9% effective at capturing large allergens like pollen, mold spores, and dust mite debris. It also captures household dust, pet dander, bacteria, particles that can carry odors, particles that can carry viruses, smoke, and smog.


Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers (14M2) FAP02-RS-2CA 3M

  Height 7.25 Inch
  Length 22 Inch
  Push To GSDB true
  Room Size For rooms up to 160 square feet (FAP02)
  Size 14 in x 22 in x 7.25 in
  Trademark Name 1 Filtrete
  Trademark Name 1 with the suffix Filtrete
  Width 14 Inch


BrandNon Branded
Warranty7 Day Replacement
ShippingSame Day From Lahore
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