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The iTunes Store makes it easy to give songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, music videos, movies, and TV shows to anyone. Or give iTunes Gift Cards and let them choose for themselves.


Set up an iTunes allowance.
Give your kids a legal way to download their favorite songs with a monthly allowance. Allowance accounts give your kids a set amount of store credit to spend on the iTunes Store every month. That way they can access the store without a credit card, and you can set a limit on how much they spend. Set up an allowance


Gift music and videos.
Send a song, an album, a TV episode, an entire TV show, or a movie even give a custom mix of songs to anyone. Buy a gift and iTunes immediately sends an email to your recipient, who just clicks a link. Your gift starts downloading to your recipient's iTunes library, ready to play or sync to iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Want to deliver your gift personally? buy now only from shophive

Recieve and Scratch
We will deliver you iTunes Gift Card at your door step, Just scratch the number and enter in iTunes purchasing

To redeem an iTunes Gift Card...

  1. Scratch off the silver coating on the back of your Gift Card to reveal a 16-digit code.

  2. In iTunes, click iTunes Store in the Source list to go to the iTunes Store homepage (if you're not there already).

  3. Click Redeem under QUICK LINKS in the right column.

  4. In the resulting screen, enter the entire code in the field.

  5. Click Redeem. If you aren't already signed in to the iTunes Store, you'll be asked to sign in. Refer to How To Set Up an iTunes Store Account if you need to create an Tunes Store account ID.

To reveal the 16-digit code, use your fingernail or a coin to scratch off the coating on the back of the card.

Once you redeem your iTunes Gift Card, the full amount appears next to your account ID name in the upper-right part of the window as a credit. Any time you buy an item, the purchase price (+ tax) will be deducted from the balance.



Send Music, Videos, Audiobooks, and Apps as Gifts

If you want to put more thought into giving an iTunes Store gift than sending iTunes Gift Card, give a specific iTunes Gift. This allows you to personally pick a song (or create a playlist of songs), album, video, audiobook, or app to send to someone.



You can gift any song, album, video, audiobook, or app to anyone with a valid email address.


To send an iTunes Gift:

  1. In iTunes, click iTunes Store in the Source list.

  2. Find a song, album, audiobook, video, app, or iPod click wheel game that you want to give to someone.

  3. Click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, choose the Gift option.

  4. To gift an iPod click wheel game, choose Gift This Game below the Add Game or Buy Game button.

  5. Once you've clicked Gift, you'll either be asked to sign in with your account name and password, or you'll see a "Give a Gift" page. You'll need to fill in your recipient's (and your) details, such as names, email addresses, and a personal message. It doesn't matter which screen you get first, you will get both.

  6. Once you've successfully signed in and completed the gift form, you'll be brought to a page to review your purchase and confirm it.

You can send along a personal message with your gift in the "Give a Gift" page-be sure that you enter a valid email address too.

Disclaimer: In case of complaints email directly to apple support, shophive will not be responsible of any misuse of the card and takes no liability once the card is scratched.

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