Sharp FU-J30SA-B Air Purifier

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Sharp Air Purifier FU-J30SA-B


Live a healthier life by breathing fresh and clean air. Sharp plasma cluster air purifier makes the environment of your home, office or any other setting fresher, healthier and cleaner. This air purifier by Sharp combines patented Plasma cluster ion technology with True HEPA filtration to clean the environment in which you breathe. Patented plasma cluster ion releasing from this air purifier reduces bacteria viruses, mold and fungus. The air purifiers by Sharp are tested by independent laboratories to verify the air-cleaning capability of the filtration system.


Smart controls.
Adds humidity.
Germs and odor reduction.
Filters out dust, pollen and smoke.

Why do you need an air purifier?

Dusting, cleaning and mopping may keep your space clean, but your homes are exposed to many germs and viruses present in the environment. Air purifiers are great for your health and to lead a healthy lifestyle. It cleanses out your environment and makes it fresh and healthy, saving you from many allergies and illnesses. Presence of mold, fungi, cooking fumes virus and pet dander contemplate your environment and make you fall ill frequently. This air purifier reduces mold, fungi, germs and bacteria from even harder to reach area. Not only that, but this air purifier also it also reduces odor from the environment, giving you a fresh space to live. Ensure clean environment and healthy life with this effective and efficient air purifier.

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