LG 65NANO753PA 65'' 4K HDR Smart Nano Cell TV

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Reddot winner 2021

NanoCell TV 7 Seriesmove

Brightly colored particles swirl on the TV screen (watch video).

8 million pixels. One in a million pictures.

Pure Colors is truly stunning on the true 4K NanoCell TV. With nearly 8 million pixels, a true 4K TV displays a noticeably sharper and more detailed picture than traditional HD TVs. The true 4K resolution of the NanoCell TV is complemented by NanoCell technology for a 4K experience that goes beyond international standards.

* The term "Pure Colors" refers to colors refined with LG NanoCell technology.

All colors are crystal clear.

The LG NanoCell TV uses special nano-particles compatible with its own Nano technology, which filters and refines colors and removes deviations from the exact RGB wavelength. This means that only clear, accurate colors appear on the screen. The result is a more vivid and realistic image that brings content to life.

Non-clear colors are visible at the top as they are on traditional TVs, and they pass through the NanoCell filter at the bottom to create clear colors (watch video).

 The term “traditional” refers to LG UHD TVs that do not use NanoCell technology.

Three gallery-style TVs, the scaffolding of which acts as a work of art anywhere

Gallery stand

Designed to stand out

Picturesque works of art are no longer just for the wall. With the Gallery Stand, you are free to place your TV anywhere, turning your home into a fine art gallery.

* Gallery stand can be purchased separately.
** The Gallery Stand is only available for 55- and 65-inch NANO75, NANO77, NANO80 and NANO85.

NanoCell Cinema.
Power worthy of a big screen.

The clean colors of the LG NanoCell TV and the cavalcade of the latest display technologies bring the atmosphere of real cinemas to your home. Enhanced HDR, Dolby's latest technology and cinema mode bring you a true cinematic experience.

The TV screen features a demo of Midnight Sky on Netflix (watch video).

* Netflix subscription required. The availability of 4K Ultra HD depends on the Netflix subscription structure, Internet service, device capabilities, and content availability. www.netflix.com/TermsOfUse

The Netflix logo, the Apple TV logo, and the Amazon Prime Video are arranged horizontally on a black background.


All your favorites in one place.

You can access Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Choose from the latest movies, series, documentaries, and live sports - all in one place.

* Netflix subscription and internet connection required.
* Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
* Apple TV + subscription required.
* Amazon, Prime Video, and associated logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates. There is a charge for your Amazon Prime subscription and / or Prime Video service. See primevideo.com/terms for details.
* © 2022 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All rights reserved. The HBO MaxTM trademark is used under license. HBO Max subscription required.
* Supported services may vary by country.

Christopher Nolan gives an interview in a cinema


The idea of ​​the directors comes to life.

FILMMAKER MODE ™ turns off motion smoothing and other video processing methods, preserving the original aspect ratio, colors, and frame rate. It reproduces exactly the original ideas of the directors, so you can enjoy the film as much as the creators intended.

A graph illustrating LG TV's processing technology is centered between the left input image and the brightly colored output image on the right.

HDR 10 Pro

Enjoy every detail!

LG's proprietary dynamic range technology, the HDR 10 Pro, fine-tunes brightness to enhance colors, reveals every little detail and delivers lifelike sharp images every time - and even intensifies even normal HDR content. Now you can watch all your favorite movies and shows in brighter and fuller colors, from start to finish.

NanoCell Gaming.
TV with a bunch of XP!

With its vibrant colors, the LG NanoCell TV electrifies the game, whether it’s the darkest caves or the brightest new worlds. Cloud-based gaming technology and automatic adjustment of high-quality images provide a truly exciting gaming experience.

Scene from a racing game on a TV screen (watch video).

A spaceship shoots in the city on the TV screen, and the LG NanoCell game optimization GUI on the left adjusts the game settings.

Game Optimizer

Never seen level of control.

Each game is at a higher level. The Game Optimizer feature automatically adjusts the image and optimizes graphics and visibility for a more enjoyable gaming experience, no matter what game you are playing.

Approaching a player playing a racing game on a TV screen

Xbox Partner

The invincible combination.

Freedom of play. LG is working with the Xbox to ensure you are ready for the next generation of gaming. Get the most out of your Xbox with captivating picture quality and ultra-fast response time.

Approaching a player playing a racing game on a TV screen


Play at the highest level!

Gain an advantage over your opponents! ALLM and eARC technologies meet the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications and are capable of displaying fast-moving content in higher resolution with continuous, synchronized graphics.

NanoCell Sport.
Winning performance.

The LG NanoCell TV delivers a breathtaking match experience. Bluetooth surround sound brings the full atmosphere of a stadium to your home, while Sports Alarms always keeps you up to date on the latest news from your favorite team.

A football player sells the penalty on the TV screen (watch video).

A man and a woman toast on a TV screen while a sports alert is displayed

Sports alarm

Don't miss the matches of your favorite team!

Sports Alert sends notifications before, during and after matches. You no longer have to worry about missing out on your favorite teams ’big matches, even if you’re just watching other content.

Usage options may vary by country

Family sitting on the couch watching a football match on TV

Bluetooth Surround Ready

The advantage of a tidy home.

You can easily connect Bluetooth speakers to your TV for a truly wireless audio experience. Each sound looks richer and more lifelike, giving you the ability to bring the atmosphere of a big match all over your living room.

Speakers can be purchased separately.

Quad Core processor 4K

Improve everything you see and hear.

The processor removes video noise, resulting in more vivid colors and better contrast. It scales low-resolution images to create images close to 4K. You also know when, where, and how to improve sound quality and create virtual surround sound for an even more immersive, cinematic experience.

A train is releasing steam on a railroad track leading to the mountains, with the words "Quad Core 4K Processor" in the lower left corner.

Simulated screenshots.

The image of Big Ben on the right is labeled “After Upscaling” and the version of the same image on the left labeled “Before Upscaling” is more vivid and clear.

4K upscaling

Watch everything in 4K.

The LG NanoCell TV converts 2K content into the most realistic 4K image possible, resulting in clearer details and outlines. Enjoy much clearer text and images with less noise and better contrast.

Astronaut TV in a bright room.  On the right is a TV in a dark room with a more vivid astronaut.

AI brightness control

Brilliant solution for a better TV!

The light sensor measures the amount of ambient light, and then the processor fine-tunes the hue rendering for optimal screen brightness. The smart brightness control and pixel compensation algorithm improves the contrast, resulting in better quality dark images. Refines HDR content with a brightness setting that makes darker scenes glamorously contrasted, rich in detail and deep in color.

The simulated sound effects of a drum as a man drums.

AI sound

A sound that every genre deserves.

Learning from more than 17 million audio data points, the processor identifies sounds, effects, and frequencies so you can optimize sound by genre for an even more immersive experience.

AI ThinQ

A real assistant.

The LG ThinQ is here to take your TV experience to the highest level. Select your favorite voice-based assistant and control the TV with your voice; in addition, a completely new home page provides convenience and control.

Various contents are displayed on the TV screen as suggested by the LG AI ThinQ.

The newly designed main screen with personalized recommended content and channels appears on the TV screen

New Home

Handle it easily!

The redesigned homepage makes personalized suggestions for content, makes it easier to access your favorites, and lets you control all connected devices from one place.

The main functions of the Magic Remote are shown on a pictogram.

New Magic Remote

It's more like a magic wand.

The redesigned, ergonomically designed Magic Remote with motion-sensing remote control is easy to hold and faster to search with its pointing-scrolling system. With built-in artificial intelligence, you can easily access services while accessing major content providers at the touch of a button. In addition, there is even a ‘Magic Tap’ feature; with this new trick you can connect your phone to your TV.

This card describes voice commands. The LG ThinQ AI logo is displayed.

Voice control

The center of comfort.

By recognizing simple voice commands, the LG ThinQ lets you control and manage the IoT-enabled devices in your home. 

Supported menus and applications may vary by country.

The menus that appear may differ depending on the release date.
Voice command availability may vary by product and country.

This is a simulated image of the LG OLED TV in the web augmented reality application.  If space is tight, mobile phone images may overlap.  A QR code is displayed in the lower right corner.

You can place
true-scale TVs virtually.

This image shows the simulator that you can use to place all LG TV types in the virtual space.

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