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6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus and 6.1-inch iPhone 14 held side by side for size comparison

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

Big and bigger.


iPhone 14 Plus has 21% more screen, making it supersized but surprisingly lightweight.

Both models have a vibrant Super Retina XDR display. And OLED technology for bright whites and true blacks.

High resolution and color
accuracy make everything
look sharp and true to life.


The looongest battery life of any iPhone. Ever.

Ceramic Shield

Tougher than any smartphone glass.

Nano-ceramic crystals — which are harder than most metals — are fused into glass for far greater durability.

Our dual ion-exchange process also protects against nicks, scratches,
and everyday wear and tear

Water resistance.


Water resistance.

A still-life shot of a parent using Action mode to capture her son's school sports race.

Action mode

Shaky shots,
stable video.

iPhone 14 videoWithout Action mode

iPhone 14 videoWith Action mode

Whether you’re filming while hiking up a rocky trail or chasing your kids through the park, try Action mode for smooth handheld videos.

Just turn it on before you shoot to automatically get steady shots.

A still-life shot from an Action mode video that captures a person running up some bleachers.

A15 Bionic

A video of a graphically intense video game where cars are racing through a tunnel.

A15 Bionic chip.
Fast that lasts.

iPhone 14 has the same incredible chip that’s in iPhone 13 Pro.

A15 Bionic, with a 5‑core GPU, powers all the latest features and makes graphically intense games and AR apps feel ultrafluid.

An updated internal design delivers better thermal efficiency, so you can stay in the action longer.

The Secure Enclave in A15 Bionic protects personal information like your Face ID data, contacts, and more.
A portrait of a person wearing a bright, pink dress in the sunshine, taken with the Pro-level main camera.

Pro-level camera.
Whoa-level pics.

A stunning photo of a person wearing red contrasting with a rocky gray coastline, taken with the Pro-level main camera.

New Pro-level Main camera with improved image processing for even more sensational shots in all kinds of light — especially low light.

Up to2.5x better
low-light photos
on the Main camera

A photo of someone sitting in a chair in a dark room to illustrate the camera's low-light capabilities.

A photo of someone in the entrance of a cave, taken with the Ultra Wide camera.

Up to2x better
low-light photos
on the Ultra Wide camera


Two people being rescued from a remote mountain by emergency services.

Emergency SOS via satellite

Peace of mind
off the grid.

If you try to call 911 but
don’t have cell service
or Wi‑Fi, iPhone lets you
text emergency services over satellite

iPhone shows you where
to point to maintain your connection
. You must be outdoors with a clear
view of the sky — and
avoid obstructions such as mountains and
heavy foliage.

Since every second
counts, iPhone front-loads a few questions to assess your situation — just tap
to respond.

Satellites are moving targets with low bandwidth, so it can take minutes for messages to get through.

If you’re on an adventure without cell service, you can use Find My to share your location via satellite so friends and family know where you are.

Crash Detection

In a severe car crash, iPhone calls for help when you can’t.

iPhone 14 can detect a severe car crash, then
call 911 and notify your emergency contacts.

Hardware sensors and advanced motion algorithms identify signs of a crash — including sudden changes
in speed, direction, and cabin pressure.

Over 1 million hours of real‑world driving and
crash data helps iPhone recognize accident.


Your photo.
Your font.
Your widgets.
Your iPhone.

iOS 16 lets you customize your Lock Screen in all kinds of fun ways.

Layer a photo to make it pop. Track your Activity rings. And see live updates from your favorite apps.

A colorful selfie of a person smiling, with hair that's hanging down toward the lens, taken with the TrueDepth camera.

Sharper, smarter, snappier selfies.

Take your clearest, most colorful close-ups and group shots, thanks to a new TrueDepth front camera with autofocus and a larger aperture.

A selfie of three people sitting on steps in colorful, contrasting outfits, taken with the TrueDepth camera.

A low-light selfie of a person wearing a black shirt in front of a dark fence, taken with the TrueDepth camera.

Up to2x better low‑light photos

It can also automatically focus on multiple subjects at once, so all your selfies look their sharpest.

Operating SystemApple iOS
Screen Size6.1"
Internal Memory128GB
Main Camera Pixel12.0
Dual SimNo
Water ResistantYes
Expandable MemoryNo
Warranty7 Day Replacement
ShippingSame Day From Lahore
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