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Sony Pakistan

Sony Playstation Vita

psvita wifi + 3G
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Price: Rs 35999

Sony Playstation Vita
  • Sony Playstation Vita
  • Sony Playstation Vita
  • Sony Playstation Vita
  • Sony Playstation Vita

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PS Vita 3G/AT&T
The new PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi, powered by AT&T's Mobile Broadband Network, will change the way you game with real-time scores and game ranking news feeds, competitive multiplayer game sessions, and cross-game text messaging with Party. Game at the speed of your mobile life style.
PS Vita Front & Rear Cameras
Front & Rear Cameras
Use the front and rear cameras on your PS Vita create amazing augmented reality experiences in your games by transporting your world or yourself into the game.
PS Vita Six Axis Motion Sensor
Six Axis
Motion Sensor
PS Vita Six Axis Motion Sensor
With PS Vita's motion sensor technology actively engage with the game like never before as you touch, tilt, and steer your PS Vita. Discover the endless ways to manipulate your environment, engage with your characters, and utilize in game tools.
PlayStationVita Touchscreen
The multi touch display offers new ways to complete challenges and actions alike, all on a stunning 5" OLED screen.
PS Vita Rear Touch Pad
Touch Pad
The rear multi touch pad gives you greater hand control while freeing up the brilliance of the front OLED screen.
PlayStationVita GPS
Locate, connect and play with friends via GPS and social networking apps like near.
PS Vita Cross Play
Cross Play
With cross platform play you can start playing a game on your PS3 console, pause the game and pick up on PS vita right where you left off.You can also join in multiplayer games on your PS vita and play against players on their PS3 consoles.
PS Vita Right Analog
Dual Analog Sticks
Discover a fully immersive first person shooter experience with dual analog sticks.
PS Vita OLED Screen
OLED Screen
See your games more brilliantly than ever before with the 5"
OLED screen which displays approximately 16 million colors.