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Sony Pakistan

Sony PSP-3000

PID 9390

In Stock

Price: Rs 17999

Sony PSP-3000
  • Sony PSP-3000
  • Sony PSP-3000
  • Sony PSP-3000
  • Sony PSP-3000

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The PSP go and PSP-3000 systems powerful and portable. We built the PSP systems to be slim, light and portable, with huge, ultra-crisp LCD screens so you can play hundreds of games and movies, read digital comics, browse the Internet and more. All the stunning graphics and entertainment you`d get with a console, but you can play it wherever, whenever.

The PSP-3000 systemStill the best in mobile gaming. UMD compatible. Get more of what you want with the PSP-3000 system. It has an advanced LCD screen, which offers the highest-level contrast ratio, best response time and the widest color gamut possible on an LCD screen. It also has anti-reflection technology, so that you'll get vibrant and natural colors in any conditions. And the built-in microphone enhances multi-player gaming and enables Skype calling. Light, slim and as portable as ever. Watch movies. Listen to music. Surf the Internet.

Heavy-Weight Small footprint

PSP systems are super-portable mini entertainment machines. Play single and multiplayer games, watch movies and TV series, take advantage of a fast Internet connection with streaming video and music, and enjoy all the features you need to keep yourself entertained anywhere and everywhere.

Multiplayer online

There are a couple ways you can completely dominate your friends in a PSP system game: get together and connect to their PSP systems with no wires or Internet connection, or join a multiplayer game online. Connect in person and your friends can witness your touchdown dance in all its glory, but online gaming means you can play people across the country. It`s a tough choice, but we think you can handle it.

Games, Movies, TV series, and the Internet

The best thing about the Wi-Fi enabled PSP go and PSP-3000, -2000, and -1000 systems are your options: read a comic, rent or buy a newly released film or TV series, browse online, join an online multiplayer game, stream podcasts, or download free game demos. Downloading too much? Just save it to a memory stick for later. Not sure where to go? Most everything you need is handily located in one place: PlayStationNetwork.